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Digital Scholarship

Text Mining

What is text mining?

Text mining is a research practice that involves using computers to process large amounts of unstructured text and can help researchers discover patterns and connections within the text.

Researchers use text mining tasks such as:

  • sentiment analysis
  • entity extraction
  • document summarization

By using these methods, researchers can make connections and draw conclusions about the content of large text corpora. You can use text analysis tools like the ones below to generate word frequencies and create word clouds and visualizations:

If you're looking to analyze text from classic literature, there are plenty of open source text corpora that you can use!


Adapted from University of Illinois Library Digital Scholarship guide

Creative Commons License

Text Analysis

What is Text Analytics?

Text analytics is a qualitative research method where the analysis is done by people, often by coding text, images, transcripts, or other media. It may include text mining as part of the research process, often as an exploratory phase to identify themes. Coding is often done in multiple phases and may include categories such as themes, emotions, values, and more. Tools to assist coding may include: