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Qualitative Research

The major aviation databases do not have an easy way to limit to qualitative research. However, you can add qualitative research terms to your search topic to find them. For example:

(pilot fatigue) AND (survey* OR questionnaire* OR interview* OR coding OR framing OR “focus group” OR "focus groups")

Depending on your topic, you may also be interested in searching a subject specific database, such as PsychInfo. PsychInfo does provide an option to limit by Methodology - Qualitative Study

UND subscribes to Qualtrics, which is very helpful for collecting and analyzing survey data.

UND also subscribes to SPSS (stastistical analysis software available through UND Labs Anywhere), and MATLAB (used for programming and data analysis).

You can also access free or discounted software from the UND Software Store, including NVivo, a qualitative coding software package.

If your research requires human participation (such as a survey or focus group), your research will need to be approved by UND's Institutional Review Board. You will also need to complete their IRB training prior to seeking approval for your research study.