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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Provides information on open educational resources


Below is a selected list of resources to help you find OER. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your subject librarian for more assistance with finding OER. 

Start by searching the resources listed in the Repositories & Referatories and Collections sections. Additional information, such as resources to find open courseware and open books are presented as subpages of this page. 

Repositories & Referatories  

Use these search engines to assist you with finding OER 


Search within these collections of OER material to assist you with finding open resources to support your teaching. 

Open Courseware & Resources

Open Courseware

Search these resources for OER that strive to encompass an entire course or function as a course in their own right.

Open Scholarly Resources

These assorted resources include collections of multimedia, directories, dissertations, and more.

Open Scholarly Books

Search for and read academic eBooks from open access publishers.

Open Access Articles

Explore these indexes to find open access scholarly articles.

Simulations & Virtual Labs

Try these resources to find online simulations of science experiments.

Government Documents

Many government documents are copyright-free and in the public domain. Consequently, such documents can be used as OER. To learn more about government documents at the Chester Fritz Library, please consult this LibGuide.

Discipline-Specific Collections

Disciplinary Repositories

These resources gather collections of OER that are pertinent to particular academic disciplines.

Open Data

How to Find Open Access Articles in Particular Subscription-based Databases


General Image Collections

Find Creative Commons-licensed stock photos and images in the public domain. Please also consult our LibGuide regarding images to discover general advice and resources to support image searching.

Art, Museum, and Archival Images

Explore the assortment of open images made available through museums and other cultural institutions.

Government Agency Images

Find public domain images created by the U.S. government.

Diverse Image Collections

Use these resources to find Creative Commons-licensed images of people underrepresented by standard stock photo collections.

Other Image Search Tools

Employ these resources to help find (or create!) open access images.

Medical Image Collections

These specialized resources can help users locate open access images in medical fields.