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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Provides information on open educational resources


UND OER Research

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Open Access Articles of Interest

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Peer-Reviewed Research

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Open Education Group’s Review Project collects peer reviewed research on both perceptions and efficacy of OER:
(Led by John Hilton III, with contributions from Stacie Mason and Virginia Clinton-

Student Perspectives

Bates, H. (2022, December 7). What can the fall of Z-library teach us about textbook accessibility? The Wellesley News.

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Regarding Academic Journal Publishers

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Getting Started with Open Educational Resources by Abbey Elder, Iowa State University

Open Access Crash Course by Jill Cirasella, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Open Education: Access, Pedagogy, and a Reinvestment in Public Higher Ed by Robin DeRosa, Plymouth State University

Serving Social Justice & Pedagogical Innovation with Open Educational Practices by Rajiv Jhangiani, Kwantlen Polytechnic University