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Government Documents

Chester Fritz Library resources for government research

Professions & Applied Sciences

The Federal Aviation Administration, NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, and Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum address aerospace:

Military Airplane from Air & Space Museum


The Department of Commerce, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Small Business Administration provide a wealth of information for business, including:

United States Patent & Trademark Office Headquarters

In addition to discussions of education in Congressional Hearings (Y), the Department of Education (ED) provides statistics and resources to help educators.

Picture of Attaining Excellence Kit

The Department of Interior (I) provides detailed information for civil engineers, including blueprints of bridges. Examples of other resources include:

Blueprint of a Dam

The Department of the Judiciary (J and JU) covers most legal government documents, including Supreme Court Decisions, although various government entities publish relevant material, such as the Federal Register (AE).

Picture of the United States Capital

Government documents cover current military issues and military history from the American Revolution to present. The Department of Defense (D) publishes the most documents on this topic. Congressional Hearings (Y) and the Smithsonian Institute (SI) also provide relevant material.

Picture of men in uniform landing on Anzio beach