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eBooks from the Chester Fritz Library

eBook Applications

Unless you are reading the ebook online or the ebook allows you to download it as a PDF file, to download the entire ebook on your device, you will need one of two applications:
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Overdrive
    • Kindle Fire
    • Chromebooks

Adobe Digital Editions for Computers

If you want to download an entire ebook to read offline, many ebook platforms such as EBSCO require you to have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your device. This is different from the regular Adobe for reading PDFs. If you are not sure if you have it on your computer, try searching for it under your computer's applications. If you want to install it, it's free!
  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions from the Adobe website
    • Select the Mac option for Apple computers
    • Select the Windows option for PC computers
  2. Follow the installation options for your computer
  3. Download your ebook!

Note: It's OPTIONAL to create an Adobe ID. The benefit is that you can login to your Adobe ID from any device with Adobe Digital Editions and view the content associated with your ID. If you only plan to use it on that device, you can skip that part of the process.

Adobe Digital Editions for Mobile Devices

Adobe Digital Editions is also a free app available from both Apple's App Store and Android App on Google Play.

If you have an iPhone:

  1. In the App Store from your phone, search for "Adobe Digital Editions"
  2. Select "Get" to install it on your phone

If you have an Android device:

  1. In the Google Play store, search for "Adobe Digital Editions"
  2. Install the app on your device

You can also get to these apps from the Adobe Digital Editions website. Once you've installed the app, you can download the ebook on your device. If you want to create or login to an Adobe Digital ID, you can view the same ebooks across multiple devices.

Overdrive for Kindle Fire and Chromebooks

If you want to download an ebook to a Kindle Fire or Chromebook, you will want to install the Overdrive app. Overdrive also works with Windows devices, iOS, and Android devices.
  1. Install the app from the Overdrive website or your device's app store
  2. Create an Overdrive account
  3. Sign in to Overdrive and under the Menu - Manage Libraries, add your library
  4. Select the borrow or download option from the book platform