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Dissertations and Theses

Chester Fritz Library How to find Dissertations and Theses

Digital & Print Versions

Digital Versions 
UND Scholarly Commons: 

Contains open versions of all UND electronic dissertations and theses (ETDs) from 2011 to present. ETDs written prior to 2011 are in the process of being digitized and may be available depending on department. Use the search bar to find theses by author, title, or keyword.

Dissertations & Theses database: 

Complete digitized versions of UND dissertations from 1996 to present and UND theses 2012 to present. Click the Full-Text PDF icon to download. Dissertations prior to 1996 are indexed in this database but not digitized.  See Print Versions (below) for instructions.

Search Tips:

  • Can search by author
  • Can search by advisor
  • Can search for research inventory or instrument as a key word


Find links below for both the UND Scholarly Commons and the Dissertations & Theses database

Can't Find it?

Sometimes there is a delay between when the work is submitted to the Graduate School and when it is digitized -- stated time is 3 weeks.

If the author of a dissertation requests that her/his document be embargoed for a period of time (usually 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years), the Library cannot catalog the bound copy, so it will not be found with a UND catalog search.  The citation and abstract of the dissertation will be found in the Dissertation & Theses Database, but the full document will not be available until the embargo is lifted

Print Versions 
UND Dissertations/Theses are located in the following areas:
Print Copy of Record

4th floor Special Collections.
A bound paper copy of every UND Dissertation can be viewed at Special Collections but not checked out. 

hours for Special Collections. 

Print Copy for Check out (limited quantity)

3rd floor General Collection; only available when extra copies are donated to the library; as items are scanned for the UND Scholarly Commons they are removed from the shelves.
(For example, shelved under TYear, T2006 for those written in 2006.)

Microfilm Copy 

(Currently in storage due to library renovation. Must order through interlibrary loan.)
1st floor Desk.

1955 to present.

All are searchable in the Library Catalog by Author, Title, or Department.

Advanced Search allows narrowing the material type to Dissertations and Thesis.

Use the keyword search term: university of north dakota theses for both UND-authored theses and dissertations.

Other UND Research

Honors theses dating from 1966 are kept in Special Collections on the 4th floor of the Chester Fritz Library.

(On the book shelves with the call number UTYear. Example: UT2006 for ones written in 2006.)

Independent Studies are NOT kept in the library--contact the academic department.

The geology department has digitized their theses and dissertations from 1913 to the present and made them available on the UND Scholarly Commons in the following collections:

To view print copies please visit the Geology library.

Submit, Bind, Copy your Dissertation


Visit the Thesis & Dissertation page of the School of Graduate Studies website for style guides and submission guidelines.

Bind and Copy:

Chester Fritz Library no longer provides binding or printing services. If you want a bound personal copy: