Dissertations and Theses

Chester Fritz Library How to find Dissertations and Theses

Why Use Theses & Dissertation?

Theses (Master's Level) and Dissertations (Doctoral level) are best for in-depth research, many times used by students starting their own advanced degree work.  They demonstrate scholarship in an area of study, providing literature reviews, extensive bibliographies and research instruments.

Citations of dissertations and theses can be found in many search tools, from academic databases to Internet searches. Access to those authored at UND can be instantaneous while those outside of UND can take 10 working days or more by using Interlibrary Loan. Sometimes academic institutions host Institutional Repositories to allow free access to their scholarly output.  Try Google Scholar or the suggested websites to locate them.

Dissertations & Theses Database

The Proquest UMI databases linked below are subscription databases that digitize and store dissertations and theses for institutions worldwide, including UND.

Instruments or Inventory for Research

The Dissertations & Theses database can be a good resource when you are looking for a copy of an inventory or other instrument for your research:

  • keyword search for the name of the tool
  • browse the Index Terms (keywords) list and add them to your search

Since dissertations from the past 20 years include an extensive preview, you can check the table of contents or appendices to see if the author has included a copy of the research tool. If it looks promising, Interlibrary Loan the complete dissertation.