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Citation Managers

Software and apps to help you organize and format citations for your research papers.

Citation managers can be a great resource for organizing and managing your research. When it comes to choosing one, think about your research needs and what you would use a citation manager for.

Choose EndNote if Choose Zotero if Choose Mendeley if Stick with RefWorks LITE if
you want more citation styles and the flexibility to create multiple libraries of citations for different projects you're working on. you want to save snapshots of web pages to your library, share your citations and sync up your account to work collaboratively in Google Docs. you want to work primarily with PDFs and engage with open access research online. you already had a RefWorks account and want to simply export citations and generate references. 


Still need help deciding?

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see how the features of the different citation managers compare:


I need to / I want to EndNote Online Zotero Mendeley RefWorks LITE
Direct export from databases  Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Use with a Mac or PC Yes Yes Yes  
Sync with laptop/pc and web account n/a
Yes Yes
Work on a group project & share citations Yes Yes Yes
Create folders  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add tags & notes  Notes not tags Yes Yes Yes
Use with Google Docs Yes
Firefox browser plug-in Yes Yes Yes  
Safari browser plug-in Yes Yes    
Microsoft Edge browser plug-in Yes Yes Yes  
Chrome browser plug-in  Yes Yes Yes  
Use with Microsoft Word  Yes Yes Yes
Import web pages and sites like Flickr Yes Yes
Annotate PDFs within citation manager     Yes Yes