American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholarly Communication Guide

Example ACS citation of an article retrieved from a database:

Rawel, H. M.; Huschek, G.; Sagu, S. T.; Homann, T., Cocoa Bean Proteins Characterization, Changes and Modifications due to Ripening and Post-Harvest Processing. Nutrients [Online] 2019, 11 (2), Article 56. SciFinder. (accessed September 9, 2019).

Note, the basic format is:

Author 1 last name, first initial. middle initial.; Author 2 last name, first initial. middle initial.; Author 3 last name, first initial. middle initial.; etc. Title of Article. Journal Abbreviation Year, Volume (Issue), Page range for print publications or article number for online publications. Database. (date accessed for online publications).

The second and subsequent lines of a citation should be indented. The journal name is abbreviated according to the Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index. One word titles are not abbreviated. Journal is always abbreviated with J. Chemistry is abbreviated Chem. Most other words are abbreviated after the first 4 letters and after a consonant, unless the 4th consonant is a vowel. For example: Organic Letters is Org. Lett. Inorganic Chemistry is Inorg. Chem. Journal of Natural Products is J. Nat. Prod.