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A guide to online and print newspapers

Using the New York Times

The Chester Fritz Library now has access to the New York Times! Your NYT subscription gives you access to an abundance of resources in various subjects.

Here are some ways you can use this resource:

  1. Discover more information about topics related to your major
  2. Conduct research for class projects
  3. Access articles needed for your classes
  4. Explore global affairs and stay up-to-date on breaking news
  5. Learn a new hobby

Note: this subscription is not part of UND Law or School of Medicine & Health Sciences subscription packages. Our subscription does not include Games or NYT Cooking.

Sign Up for the New York Times

Before starting:

  1. If you are affiliated with Law or SMHS you are not eligible for this offer
  2. If you already have an account, you need to cancel it. The Times cannot "convert" a paid account to a UND-sponsored one.
Steps to create account:
  1. Navigate to the New York Times Access Website
  2. Find UND - Enter "University of North Dakota" in the search bar provided and select it from the drop down list. 
  3. Select Your Location
    1. If you are currently on campus, select the link indicating "Click Here" if you are on campus, skip step four
    2. If you are NOT currently on campus, select the "Go" button 
  4.  Enter your UND Login Credentials when prompted
  5.  Create Your Account - Use your school email to create an account and select a password 
  6.  Redeem Your Pass:
Students Faculty and Staff
Select "Student" radio button Select "Faculty/Staff" radio button
Enter your anticipated graduation year
(Registration lasts through that year)
Select the "Sign Up" button
Enter an alternate email address, if desired Registration lasts for four years (renewable)
Select the "Sign Up" button  


Featured Resources via NYT

In addition to the stories, multimedia and visualizations, utilize these features:

Email Newsletters

  • Subscribe to digests delivered to your email 
  • Today's Headlines

New York Times InEducation

  • Higher Education Curriculum
  • Incorporate Current Events into Lessons
  • Details to register below

Times Machine

  • Scanned and Searchable Past Issues
  • 1851 - 2002

New York Times Magazine

  • Full Access to the stories
  • Past Issues

NYT InEducation

Now that you've created an account and can log into the New York Times website, it's time to register for your NYT InEducation account. This account will give you access to customized resources for a variety of academic disciplines. 

How to Register to Use the New York Times for Classroom Learning

  1. Step One: Navigate to the New York Times inEducation website
  2. Step Two: Register for inEducation
    • Register using your school email address
    • Indicate whether you are a student or faculty/staff
    • Optionally select your area of study to receive related notifications
  3. Step Three: Login to Your Account
    • Select "Click Here" to login to your account
    • Ensure you have access to inEducation

Faculty use of NYT inEducation:

  • Articles recommended by faculty are often accompanied by prompts for discussion, critical thinking, or analysis. Article recommendations typically include a summary of the article as well as sections such as "Why Does This Matter," "Digging Deeper," or "Discussion Prompts."
  • Faculty-recommended articles always include tags for sorting by subject and learning outcomes. These tags are useful when teaching a class with a specific learning outcome or one that focuses on a particular subject. 
  • There are also subject tags for different levels of study, such as “Level: 300-400" or “Level: Graduate” to help when deciding if the material is appropriate for a particular class.