SW Clinical Campus (Bismarck)


Many information resources licensed by the Library are mobile-optimized, so downloading apps may not be required. Mobile-optimized resources do require Internet access, while apps may or may not.

Sanford Health-Affiliated Individuals

Micromedex (drug information)

  • Micromedex® Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers:  Apple iOS or Google Android
  • Micromedex® Drug Interactions:  Apple iOS or Google Android
  • Micromedex® IV Compatibility:  Apple iOS or Google Android

  • To get passwords for apps (must be logged into Sanford Health computer or intranet)::
    1. Go to https://inside.sanfordhealth.org
    2. Select “Search More” under Sanford Links
    3. Search for Sanford Virtual Library and click on + icon next to the Sanford Virtual Library’s name in the search results to add the link to your Quick Links menu.
    4. Click on the Sanford Virtual Library link.
    5. Look in Quick Links menu on the right side of the screen and choose Micromedex
    6. Click on Download Center link at top right of home screen 

UpToDate (expert opinion, point-of-care)

  • Requires log in from subscribing institution's computer every 90 days; you should receive email reminder
  • Apple iOS or Google Android
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