Residents, Center for Family Medicine - Bismarck



Put phrases inside quotation marks to find that exact phrase

          "thyroid storm"

Truncation / Wild Cards

* (asterisk) = replaces 1 or more letters, type at least three characters before using *, * can be placed in middle or at end of word

          catheter* searches for catheters, catheterization, etc., but not catheter

? (question mark) = replaces 1 letter

          catheter? searches for catheters, but not catheter or catheterization

$ (dollar sign) = replaces 0 or 1 letter

          catheter$ searches for catheter and catheters, but not catheterization


NOTE: Truncation characters may be used within phrases. Example:  "cardiac catheter$"

Boolean & Proximity Operators

AND = all search words must be present but do not have to be adjacent, software assumes AND if no operators are listed between search words

          "bipolar disorder" AND parenting

OR = at least one of the search words must be present

          adolescen* OR teen$

NOT = search words before NOT must be present, any search words listed after NOT must be absent

          "breast cancer" NOT female$

NEAR = search words must be within x words of each other, words can be in either order)

          symptom NEAR/5 fever   ( at most 4 words between the words)

NEXT = search words must x words of each other, words must be in specific order listed

       symptom NEXT/5 fever  (at most 4 words between words, symptom must appear before headache)


Note: Use parentheses to indicate what parts of search should be processed first.

          vaping AND (adolescen* OR teen$)