Researcher IDs

Scholarly Communication: Researcher IDs provides the ability to upload and share full-text publications not restricted by copyright that will be indexed by Google Scholar, customize newsfeeds, follow scholars with similar research interests, and access an overview of visitors and page view metrics. is a social network for researchers to endorse other researchers and share/upload research publications not restricted by copyright. You can follow scholars or topics, comment or review research work, and track your own work through citations, views and downloads


Choosing a Citation Manager

Citation managers can be a great resource for organizing and managing your research. When it comes to choosing one, think about your research needs and what you would use a citation manager for.

Choose EndNote if Choose Zotero if Choose Mendeley if Stick with RefWorks LITE if
you want more citation styles and the flexibility to create multiple libraries of citations for different projects you're working on. you want to save snapshots of web pages to your library, share your citations and sync up your account to work collaboratively in Google Docs. you want to work primarily with PDFs and engage with open access research online. you already had a RefWorks account and want to simply export citations and generate references.