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Research Impact - Metrics

Scholarly Communication: Research Impact - Metrics

Book impact

Methods of Determining Book Impact...

  • Publish with Quality Publishers. Quality publisher lists are often created by by funding bodies, professional associations or university faculties for their staff.

  • Highlight Societal or Educational impact. List:
    • Library holdings (local or international). Use WorldCat (available through Chester Fritz Library - link below), a discovery service for North American/global libraries.
    • Prizes and awards.
    • Invitations and readings.
    • Citations in policy or practice documents, University textbooks, course reading lists.
    • References to new editions or reprints, translations into other languages.
    • Altmetrics. Mentions in the media, social media, researcher communities. etc.

  • Book Reviews. Books published by quality publishers attract reviews in quality journals. 

  • Sales. Number of sales, local and/or international sellers and bestseller lists.

  • Usage Statistics. Downloads or loans of a particular title from selected libraries/repositories/publisher websites.

  • Databases with book and book chapter metrics:
    • Scopus
    • Bookmetrix on SpringerLink: Published by Springer for Springer books and book chapters, developed in partnership with Altmetric. Provides number of citations, downloads, book reviews, readers, and the number of online mentions in policy documents, news outlets, Wikipedia entries and social media networks. For an example, look at the Second International Handbook of Science Education.

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