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Graduate Student Resources: Chester Fritz Library

Chester Fritz Library resources for Graduate Students

Teaching Online

Best Practices for Teaching Online 

(Adapted from our Faculty Resources guide)

  • Contact Subject Librarians 
  • Provide Link to Subject Research Guide
  • Connect Students to Library Learning Opportunities 
  • Provide Link to the Distance Assistance Information 
  • Use Permalinks to Library Journal Articles in E-mails or Blackboard 
  • Work with the UND Bookstore to Put Together Course Packs of Unlicensed Library Content 
  • Let Students Know about Interlibrary Loan 
  • Encourage Students to Utilize their UND E-mails 
  • Encourage Students to Keep Campus Connection Information Up-To-Date 

Library Instruction

​Where Does Library Instruction Occur?​

  • The library: reference desk, offices, classroom, labs​

  • Around campus: classrooms, outreach events, department visits​

  • Anywhere the student is: online, phone, chat​

​What Does Library Instruction Look Like?​

  • In-person/online sessions​

  • Self-guided tutorials/screencasts​

  • Research guides

Who Provides Library Instruction?​

  • Librarians, who are, continually engaged in professional development and training​

How do I request library instruction? ​

  • Make a request online via the CFL Website​

  • Call/email/visit directly with appropriate Subject Librarian​

  • Schools of Law and Medicine* have separate instruction programs ​

*includes Social Work​

When is the best time to schedule library instruction?​

  • At the student’s “Point of Need” – e.g when given an assignment​

  • Early in a program to gain general familiarity or exposure to the library ​

  • Any time in the semester when noticing students struggling with research​

Provide good lead time - the sooner the better - to give us time to prepare