Searching for books

Need to FIND A BOOK @ Chester Fritz Library? 

  • Go to the Library's Web Site and start typing a topic or title of a specific book in the Library Search box
  • Select "Books+" from the drop-down options
  • To limit your search results to EBOOKS, under "Availability," select "Available online"
  • You can use the Advanced Search to limit by material type "Books" and search by "Subject"


Need to FIND A BOOK  *NOT* @ Chester Fritz Library? 

  • Use WorldCat - Available from QuickLinks.  You can search books from anywhere in the country and request Chester Fritz Library borrow that book for you. If it turns out that the book is available from our library, you'll see Image indicates book is available at UND. You can have our library borrow a book from another library (called an InterLibrary Loan) by registering and requesting the book here

Chester Fritz Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System (LC), an alpha-numeric system, to organize our materials including reference books, DVDs, and popular reading. 

General subject areas are shown in the first letter (for example: L = education) and the subsequent letters and numbers narrow the subject area and author to a single book.  

The entire LC system is available at the Library of Congress.


L   Education (General)
LA History of education
LB Theory and practice of education
LC Special aspects of education
LD Individual institutions - United States

Individual institutions - America (except

United States)

LF Individual institutions - Europe

Individual institutions - Asia, Africa,

Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands

LH College and school magazines and papers
LJ  Student fraternities and societies, United States
LT Textbooks