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Document your Search

An organized researcher documents the search and results

How are you going to remember what search terms you have tried? And in which library databases? How are you going to remember what is in each article?

Create a tool that works for you!

  • OneDrive
  • Excel Spreadsheet (below)
  • Word Doc 
  • Google Doc
  • Notebook
  • On the PDF of the article itself
  • A Literature Review Synthesis Matrix template (below)

Where are you going to save your articles?

  • Within your Citation Management software? -> Zotero 
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • JumpDrive (thumb drive)
  • Come up with a file saving strategy that makes sense to you (Author Last Name, Keywords, date etc.)

You may wish to continue monitoring the literature for new content. There are many ways to do this: