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resources on Agricultural Health and Safety



AgriSafe Network - "builds the competency of health and safety professionals to deliver exceptional occupational agricultural health care" Browse resources on PPE and air-quality monitoring, young ag workers, health risk assessments, wildfires and more.

National Center for Farmworker Health - Mission is "to improve the health status of farmworker families through appropriate application of human, technical, and information resources." Houses the Journal of Agromedicine

National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety - one of 11 NIOSH-funded agricultural centers, and the only center dedicated to childhood agricultural injury prevention. Housed within the National Farm Medicine Center (link below).

National Farm Medicine Center - housed within the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute in Wisconsin, browse resources on return to work, seguridad, veteran ag workers and more

NIOSH Safety and Health Topic Agriculture - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Rural Assistance Center Agricultural Health & Safety - part of the Rural Information Hub administered by the Center for Rural Health within UND. Contains resources on covid-19 and ag health, childhood ag injuries, psychological stressors and more

continuing education


AgriSafe Training & Resources - access webinars, courses, and resources on an array of topics designed for nurses who serve agricultural workers



CDC Agricultural Safety - access the Centers for Disease Control's "Minority Farm Operator Occupational Injury Surveillance of Production Agriculture (M-OISPA) Survey", the "Farm Safety Survey (FSS)", th "National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS)" and other resources