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Knowledge Commons at Chester Fritz Library

This guide explains what offerings are in the Knowledge Commons and how to utilize them.


Phone: 1.701.777.2222   

They will allow students to get help starting at 7 am. Patrons should use the south UIT door (just west of the main entrance), and use the doorbell.

UIT hours can be found at: 

  • Toner 

  • One black toner for the multifunction Uprinter located in room 243 in the ILL area’s cabinets. This should be used as a backup toner when the machine is empty and UIT is not available.  

  • If you need to use it, follow the instructions on the printer screen to replace the toner. Do NOT skip the part about the waste toner.  

  • Inform Chris that you used the toner so a new one can be ordered. 

  • Laptops 

  • They check out laptops and other tech to UND students and employees and set their own due dates. If patrons have questions regarding the due date or similar circulation issues, they should be directed to UIT to resolve it. If it is after hours or the question comes via email or chat, is the email to send messages to. Phone calls can be transferred to 7-2222. -KC 8/19/22 

  • UIT Phone Line 

  • The 7-2222 phone line is now exclusively automated rather than personally staffed during day hours. Thus, transferring should only be done for quick tech fixes (account logins, Wi-Fi, email, OneDrive, etc.). Should a patron need other UIT services (laptop loans, hardware repair, software installations, security, etc.), it is recommended they come to the UIT desk in-person. If the patron asks a UIT related question (that does not fit into the aforementioned categories) look online first, speak with a supervisor second, and either send someone or go downstairs to UIT to get an answer last. This may be subject to change as we become more familiar with these situations. JR 4/17/23 



  • Monday through Thursday 6:30 am - 8 pm
  • Friday 6:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday closed

These are the building hours, however they are still open via card access for their faculty, staff, and students outside of those hours, that will allow anyone taking a business course to access the Nistler outside of those hours. 

The skywalk door on the Chester Fritz Library side going towards Nistler will lock when the Nistler exterior doors lock. You will need EDA (door swipe access) to Nistler to open that door once the door is lockedThe skywalk door on the Nistler side going towards the Chester Fritz Library will lock when the Chester Fritz Library exterior doors lock. You will need EDA to CFL to open that door once the door is locked.