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The CRAAP Test

Evaluating Websites: The CRAAP test

Currency – The information should be current or updated regularly.  Consider: When was it produced? When was it updated? Is the information on the page outdated for your topic? Are the links current, updated regularly, or broken?

Relevance – The resource should add quality support for your argument.  Consider: What does it add to your argument? Is this the best source for this information? Is the information appropriately complex? Would you be comfortable citing this source in your research paper?

Authority – The page should list the author’s credentials, provide a method of contact, and generally be a .gov, .edu, .org or .net site.  Consider: Who wrote the page? What credentials are listed for author/s? Is the person qualified to write this information? Can you contact him or her? Look at the about page. What institution published the document? What qualifications do they have? Do they have a bias?

Accuracy – The information on the website should be supported by evidence, reviewed or refereed. You should be able to verify the sources used.  Consider: How detailed is the information?  Is the information supported by evidence? If so, are the sources cited correctly and evaluated? What types of sources are used? Can you verify them? Are there spelling, grammar, or typographical errors?

Purpose – The webpage should provide accurate, objective information with limited advertising.  Consider: Why was this written and for whom? What opinions are expressed by the author? Does the language or tone seem unbiased and free of emotion? What goals or objectives does this page meet? How much advertising is on the page?