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MGMT 475: Strategic Management

Provides library resources for Management 475 course

Books on Management

Search for Books

  • If you are looking for a biography on a particular leader or profile of a company/industry, you might try searching Google Books. If you are looking for books on business concepts from a reputable scholarly press, you might consult your librarian or instructor for titles.
  • Once you have found a book your are interested in, go to and search to see if we have the book using the large search bar under "Search library" in the middle of the screen. Wait until the dropdown appears before you press enter to search "... in Books+".
  • If we do not have the book, consider requesting the book via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). If you only want a book chapter, specify the chapter you need by looking at website that previews the table of contents, such as Google Books. Book chapters can be more convenient because they can be shared with you electronically.