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MGMT 475: Strategic Management

Provides library resources for Management 475 course

Find Articles

Use the Following Databases to Find Articles and Company Profiles


Suggestions for Business Source Ultimate

  • Operations/Production – Try keywords supply chain, location, plant, speed, outsourc* OR "Contracting out," quality, computer, technology, inventory management system
  • Marketing – Try subject terms (market* OR advertis* OR “sales promotion”), supply chain, display, and various keywords like (prices OR pricing), physical distribution of goods, warehouses, (sourcing OR materials OR raw products OR cost of production OR buying contracts OR supplier), (renovat* OR layout OR redesign* OR remod*).  Limit keywords to the abstract if you are getting too many unrelated results.
  • Human Resources – Try subject terms (personnel management OR employee* OR "human capital").  Remember also to look at the company's annual report and website for information (employees / careers sections).
  • Finance – Try the subject term financ*
  • Top Management – Try searching for people by last name

U.S. Newsstream Database

  • Use to find current articles on your company
  • Includes articles from Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and New York Times.
  • Start with a search for your company. Your results will include a lot of stock market prices; you can get rid of most of these results by excluding Wire Feeds under Source Type on the left side of the page.
  • Limit your date range to more recent articles.
  • You can also use the Company/Organization limit to select your company and browse most recent news for relevant articles

Journal Suggestions/ Business Newspapers

  • Bloomberg Businessweek—Click on ‘search within this publication.’
  • Harvard Business Review— Click on ‘search within this publication.’
  • MIT Sloan Management Review— Click on ‘search within this publication.’
  • Wall Street Journal from U.S. Newsstream (database). Use the Advanced Search tab. Search for Wall Street Journal as a publication title.  This will pick up various editions (Eastern edition, European edition, etc.)

Economic Statistics

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis  -  (Lots of data but less user-friendly)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (Monthly Labor Review, unemployment rates)
  • Congresssional Budget Office - (economic impact of federal policies, GDP projections)
  • FRED (through the Fed of St Louis) (user-friendly data shown in charts over time)

Marketing Data Books

  • American Generations: Who They Are and How They Live - REF HC110 .C6 A675 2013.
    The twelve chapters include tables and text describing: Generations, Attitudes and Behavior, Education, Health, Housing, Income, Labor Force, Living Arrangements, Population, Spending, Time Use, and Wealth. 
  • Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand – REF HC79.C6 B458 2014
    Provides demographic data broken down by detailed product category for the United States.
  • Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What? - REF HC110 .C6H68 2013
    Examines spending and demographics by product category for the United States.

Use your Company's Website

  • Look at sections: about us, employment/career opportunities, investor relations (annual report)
  • Consider policies, training programs, and what is emphasized on the website (diversity, going green, ethical suppliers)