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Digital Information Literacy Toolkit

This guide is for faculty seeking to add Digital Information Literacy Teaching and Learning to their courses.

Consultation Contacts

Why a Subject Librarian consultation?

UND's longstanding Essential Studies Learning Goal for Information Literacy is now aligned with a Special Emphasis area specific to Digital Literacy. A librarian consultation can assist with these Digital Information Literacy tasks:

  • Understanding the foundational frameworks for UND's implementation
  • Locating other frameworks currently being used
  • Situating Digital Information Literacy within the discipline
  • Collaborating on instructional opportunities

UND Librarians

Partner with a UND Librarian

UND's subject librarians are well-versed in the frameworks surrounding the skillful navigation of the digital environment and information landscape. Research out to the librarian in your discipline or one of the Digital Information Literacy Working Group members.

Chester Fritz Library

SMHS Library Resources

Working Group Members

  • Rebecca Bichel
  • Kristen Borysewicz
  • Brittany Fischer
  • Danielle Masursky
  • Devon Olson
  • Alfred Wallace

Other Campus Contacts