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Digital Information Literacy Toolkit

This guide is for faculty seeking to add Digital Information Literacy Teaching and Learning to their courses.


Suggested Articles

Jacobson, T. E., & Mackey, T. P. (2013). Proposing a Metaliteracy Model to Redefine Information Literacy. Communications in Information Literacy, 7(2), 84–91. DOI:10.15760/comminfolit.2013.7.2.138

  • From the abstract: Metaliteracy is envisioned as a comprehensive model for information literacy to advance critical thinking and reflection in social media, open learning settings, and online communities.
  • Librarian comment: Jacobson and Mackey wrote the foundational article on Metaliteracy in 2011 (listed below), and this is a succinct introduction as well as adding elements of metaliteracy in practice.