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Space Studies

Chester Fritz Library
This is a guide to databases, print resources and other resources for the Space Studies Department at the University of North Dakota.

Start Here!

This guide is meant to assist you in getting started on your research.

  • Find Articles
    • Highlights top databases and resources for finding space studies journal articles, technical reports, stars, NASA-funded research, and more.
  • Books
    • Covers how to search and browse for print and online books, how to find encyclopedias and reference materials, and how to find dissertations & theses.
  • Data and Statistics
    • Identifies resources for space data, aerospace data, atmosphere & weather data, environmental data, and how to cite data.
  • Government and Online Resources
    • Includes NASA resources, information on treaties, and other online resources.
  • News and Newspapers
    • Highlights websites with space news and news databases.

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Space Studies Department