Research Skills

How to find and evaluate sources and navigate the Chester Fritz Library.

Getting Started

Before we get into how to find specific resources like books and articles, first we need to talk about how to broaden or narrow our searches. For more information on how to decide what kinds of sources you need for you research, please see our guide on different types of sources.

When you enter words into a search bar, such as hockey sports UND hawks, you are telling it to search for items that contain ALL of those keywords.

The search bar uses an implied OR to combine all the terms: hockey OR sports OR UND OR hawks. That means it will return everything with your keywords, even if an article or source has nothing to do with UND's new mascot.

To help focus your search, use Boolean Operators (words you can use to connect your keywords). Be sure to enter the Boolean Operators in all capital letters or the search engine will treat them as additional key terms.

To narrow your search, use AND or NOT. This will limit your results to things that contain all of your keywords or to only one keyword and not the other.

To Expand your search, use OR. This will tell the search bar that you want results with either of your terms.

Try the following matching game to test your knowledge: