Public Speaking

Chester Fritz Library research guide on resources and information for Public Speaking

Topic Tips

Preparing to present a speech?

Sometimes choosing a topic is the hardest part:

  • Think about how to make a broader topic manageable and interesting to you (see Organizing your topic below)
  • Do some "pre-research" on your topic in Reference Books, Encyclopedias, CREDO Reference, etc.
  • Browse other online resources arranged by topic listed on this page (Points of View,, Pew etc.)

Organizing your Topic

How to Create a Concept Map:

U of G Library. 2017, April 27. How to Create a Concept Map.

CREDO Reference

Differing Points of View


Encyclopedias & Reference Books

Did you know there are Encyclopedias on Extreme Sports and Witchcraft and hundreds of other topics at the library online and in print? Click on the link below to browse them. Use the search box to find even more.

TIP: Add "encyclopedia" to your search keyword (topic) in your search, like "dance, encyclopedia".

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