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National Scholarship Guide

Chester Fritz Library resources for national scholarships

In This Guide

National Scholarships -- Library Assistance

Assisting you with information for your application for national scholarships by:

  • identifying the requirements of your scholarship
  • assisting you with information for your scholarship application, essays and research
  • assisting you with information about organizational affiliations

Step 1: Identify the Requirements of your Scholarship

A brief overview of the types of information we can help you with.

Step 2: Do you need country information?

Sources provide information on etiquette, culture, customs, history, politics, economy, education and more about a country.

Step 3: Do you need language skills?

Sources assist with language skills.

Step 4: Do you need information for your essay or research proposal?

Sources assist with foreign policy and research on any topics.

Step 5: Find an organizational affiliation

Sources provide people and organizations in other places to assist you with your scholarship.

Step 6: Schedule a consultation

Schedule a consultation with a librarian or one of our undergraduate Peer Research Consultants --for more assistance.