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North Dakota and Minnesota Government Information

Resources on North Dakota and Minnesota Government

North Dakota State Documents

The library acts as the state of North Dakota document depository. Many items are cataloged, including annual and biennial reports, statistical reports, miscellaneous agricultural reports, serials, directories, newsletters, bulletins, bibliographies, and rules and regulations.

The North Dakota state materials can be searched for in the library catalog.  The state documents are located in the compact shelving on 1st floor east side.  Please ask for assistance in locating these resources at the Knowledge Commons on 2nd floor.

If you're looking for North Dakota government legal information (for example, you need to trace how a bill became a law at the state level), please contact the Thormodsgard Law Library.  Their services, including reference and checking out of books, are available to undergraduate and non-law graduate students as well.

North Dakota State Document Depository Program

As established by state law on March 17, 1965 and mandated by North Dakota Century Code, the North Dakota State Library in Bismarck distributes “seven copies of all publications issued by all executive, legislative and judicial agencies of state government intended for general public distribution.” State document depository libraries:

At Chester Fritz Library, more than 20,000 items are cataloged and over 7,000 of those items are online resources. The library also has uncataloged state documents.  Assistance can be requested at the Knowledge Commons on 2nd Floor.

North Dakota Web Resources

Grand Forks Area Resources