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Lang 480 World Mythology & Folklore

Getting Started

The course assignments cover various aspects of Spain. You will need to find information on a historical moments and figures in Spain, portrayals in art and literature, as well as travel highlights. This guide will help you with finding resources: 

More Research Help

This guide is meant to assist you specifically with your SPAN 462 assignments. Other guides provide more research help:

Tips for Searching

Here are some useful tips for when you are searching for resources:  

  • Be aware of translation issues

    • Try your search with terms in both Spanish and English

    • Don't include articles - search Alhambra vs La Alhambra

    • Some databases may provide different results with the English translated version   

  • Make sure your search terms are specific to Spain by adding a country or city name

    • Due to the Spanish influence throughout the world, there may more than one location with the same name (e.g. Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in Spain and in California)