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Scholarly Communication: Research Impact - Altmetrics


Altmetric begin collating the online mentions and shares of your research across the sources we track as soon as it’s published, meaning you can get almost immediate feedback on how it’s being received long before any citation data becomes available.


Altmetric's Tools for Researchers include:

1. Altmetric Bookmarklet

The Altmetric bookmarklet can be downloaded and integrated into your browser to view the altmetrics of an article you may be reading online at the click of a button. For it to work, the item must have a DOI. Some publications are not captured by Altmetric yet and therefore will not display any Altmetric score.

Online article from Nature and its Altmetric details using the Altmetric Bookmarklet: how many blogged it, tweeted it, mentioned it, etc.


2. Altmetric Badges

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3. Altmetric API