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Computer Science

Welcome to the Chester Fritz Library resources for computer science.

About the AI/VR Lab

The Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Lab on the 3rd floor of the library is managed by Aaron Bergstrom, the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Manager, with assistance from Brad Traver, Cyberinfrastructure Engineer. They can help with student and faculty projects using the lab. Librarians can also help with some digital scholarship projects, as well as data management.

  • Six virtual machine work stations with:
    • The best graphics cards and AI cards available (2 per computer)
    • 10 GB connection to the campus network, with the ability to connect to the Science DMZ at 100GB
    • The ability to be configured for different computing environments (Windows, Linux, etc.)
    • Various software, including Autodesk
  • Lenovo VR Classroom Kit
    • 24 wireless headsets, controllers, and headphones
    • Android tablet for guided tours
    • 180 degree camera for capturing 360 degree scenes
  • 3D Scanning Room
    • Hand-held scanners also available that can scan small or large objects, including cars
  • Robotics Benches for building or changing robots or drones
  • Activity Space
    • Walking space for VR
    • Viewable from robotics benches for testing robots and drones
    • Group activity space
  • Stereographic Monitors (located in group study rooms across from AI/VR Lab suite)
    • Used to view 3D creations
  • Additional Equipment
    • Various VR headsets
    • Additional equipment for 3D modeling

Game Development Resources

The Chester Fritz Library purchased a number of books to support work in the AI/VR Lab. You can find additional books and ebooks by searching the library website. The Academic Video Online (AVON) streaming video collection also has relevant training videos, some of which are highlighted below.

Selected Books:

Selected videos:

3D Modeling Resources

Selected Books:

Machine Learning Resources

Selected Books:

Find additional machine learning videos on Academic Videos Online (AVON).

Selected Videos: