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  • Biological Abstracts is your database - the place to start when you need life science and biomedical research literature.
    • Offers complete coverage of life science and biomedical research literature for more than 4,000 journals going back as far as 1926.
  • PubMed is a great resource for medical articles
  • Web of Science offers citation tracking and covers a broad range of journals.
  •  Academic Search Complete is a good general database.

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  • Call the Reference Desk at 777-4629
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CREDO Online Reference Collection

CREDO Reference is an online full text collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias.  CREDO offers different ways to search and view your results.  Below is a link in a visual format to the field of Biology that enables the searcher to see a visual concept of the idea he/she is searching. The searcher can click on a subtopic on a topic page that will make the subtopic the focus of your search. Watch the right column to see print documents that support the visual search.

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