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Cable Pottery

photo  UND pottery was a turn of the 20th century effort to promote “a wealth of design material peculiar to the prairies” – wrote Margaret Cable in a 1926 brochure.  UND Pottery is now highly collectible, has been featured on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow and is the subject of several books.

Click this link to see digital images of UND Pottery Collection, featuring the work of Margaret Cable and her students.

To see some of the Pottery at UND in person, visit the Gorecki Alumni Center and the Department of Art and Design's Hughes Fine Arts Building

On Campus Locations for Artwork

UND Art Collections: Digital and Physical

UND's extensive Art Collection is available to both in person and digital visitors.

"Living Art Museum" sites are across campus and downtown at the Empire Arts Center.  The newest installation is throughout the newly constructed School of Medicine and Health Sciences

The links below provide more information and digital image access:

Books on North Dakota Artists

Chester Fritz Library Symbols

The North Tower of the Chester Fritz Library:

There are six carved limestone panels gracing the tower entrance of the library. They were designed in 1960 by Robert A. Nelson, Chairman of the UND Art Department, 1960-1972, based on suggestions from Donald Pearce, then University Librarian.

Five of the panels represent stylized printer’s marks, or colophons:

Upper left — William Caxton’s printer’s mark. England. 15th century.

Upper center — The golden compasses of Christopher Plantin. Holland. 16th century.

Upper right — The bough & shields of Johann Fust and Peter Schöffer. Germany. 15th century.

Lower center — The orb & cross of Lorraine of Nicholas Jenson. France. 15th century.

Lower right — The anchor & dolphin of Aldus Manutius. Venice. 16th century.

The sixth panel [lower left] depicts a quill pen, ink well, scroll, and the letter “B”, which was the most commonly illuminated letter.