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Libby Online Library

Libby (OverDrive) North Dakota Academic Consortium

Libby is an exciting resource that puts over 5,000 books and over 1,000 audiobooks in the palm of your hand! Libby is a library app that you can download on your phone, kindle, or use on the web! Read more about Libby in these blog posts: Sign Up For Libby Today and Cozy Up With A Good Book

This is supported by the ND State Library.

Starting Libby for the first time

  1. Download the "Libby, by OverDrive" app
  2. Click "yes" when it asks if you have a library card
  3. Click "Search for a Library"
  4. Search for North Dakota Academic Consortium and choose this one
  5. Click the button "sign in with my card" then choose UND. (Then it will prompt you to use your UND username and password)
  6. Explore! Search for, and check out books.

You can have 3 loans and 3 holds at a time.

Already a Libby User

If you already have a Libby account from another library, you can add more library cards to your Libby account and grow the diversity and number of books you are available to check out!

  1. While in Libby, click the button on the bottom of the page that is 3 horizontal lines.
  2. Click the "Add Library" button
  3. Search North Dakota Academic Consortium then select the UND branch
  4. Sign in with your UND username and password

Grand Forks Public Library Libby Collection

  • There are more titles on Libby through the Grand Forks Public; easily increase your access to what you can check out
  • Grand Forks Public Library cards are free and easy to get as a UND student! You can even use your dorm as your GF address.
  • To link your GF public library card to your Libby app, Search North Dakota Digital Consortium and choose the Grand Forks Public Library. Then just type in the number on your library card!
  • If you don't already have a Grand Forks Public Library Card, no worries! We have more information about the Grand Forks Public Library.

Video Demo for Libby

Tips and Tricks

Don't know what to read?

-- Use the "Popular" button to see what everyone else is enjoying or the "Subjects" button to find books in your favorite category, These categories range from broad to specific!

Don't want to buy that book for class?

-- Check to see if Libby has a copy (this does not include textbooks), there may even be an audiobook version so you can learn and multitask!

How am I going to remember all the books I want to read on Libby?

-- You can create a "Tag"! A tag is something you can put on books to mark them and it creates a list of the books you tagged in the app! You can create multiply categories of tags like "Summer Reading list" "Just read" or "Holy cow that book looks good"!

--To do this, find a book you want to read, click on the title, and under the "Borrow" button will be a tag button

Book unavailable?

-- If the North Dakota Academic Consortium has a book but it is check out, you can check its availability at other libraries you have on your Libby account.

  • Click on the hold button (looks like a calendar with a clock) on to view how long the wait is to check out from each library. FYI This does not work if the library you have selected does not have a copy of the book.