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Peace Studies

Chester Fritz Library's Peace Studies resources

Books & E-Books

The main areas in the library for books are JZ 5511.2-6300 Promotion of Peace. Peaceful Change.  JZ 6360-6377 Non-Military Coercion.  JZ 6385-6405 Armed Conflict. War & Order.  Other books would be scattered throughout the Religion & Philosophy areas of the library, such as in BX 7601-7795 Friends. Society of Friends. Quakers or BJ Ethics.   Books can be found in areas such as HQ 1194 & HQ 1233 Ecofeminism and HM 1106-1171 Social Psychology. Interpersonal Relations. Social Behavior. Other topic areas that would promote respectful behavior would be HD 60-60.5 Social Responsibility of Business, GE Environmentalism, or GF Human Ecology.  Search the catalog by topic for books such as those below: