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Featured Handbooks and Guides

Handbooks and guides typically offer the reader an opportunity to survey and learn about a broad field in a comprehensive way.  They give a snap shop of the discipline covered at the time the book is published.  Search the entire library collection here for more. 



Painting and Drawing Journals

The following are links to specific academic journals which are published and peer-reviewed by experts in the field. If you want to narrow your search to a specific style or focus, you might need to explore a couple of different journals to find what you are looking for.

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Materials on fine art topics are found under the "N" subclass on the 3rd floor of the library. 

NC1-1940  Drawing. Design. Illustration 
NC50-266  History of drawing 
NC390-670  Study and teaching 
NC703-725  General works 
NC730-758  Technique 


ND25-3416 Painting 
ND49-813  History
ND1115-1120  Study and teaching
ND1288-1460  Special subjects
ND1470-1625  Technique and materials

Featured Books 

Looking for an interesting project? Currently, the featured books section holds a few of the most recent works on painting and drawing, including scholarship and artist collections.

The Yellow Cow, Franz Marc (1911)

File:Franz Marc-The Yellow Cow-1911.jpg