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Encyclopedias and Reference

The following links will take you to encyclopedias and reference manuals to help you get started on your project. Here you can find general background information, definitions, and history on photography. Searching in an encyclopedia can also help you find a topic for a project or paper.



Finding Articles

Use databases to find academic articles to continue your research. Below are the most helpful databases for finding relevant articles for photography.

Note: If you are looking for collections or databases of images, take a look at the Finding Images guide (follow hyperlink or find the green tab to the left). This will take you to the Images guide. Once on the guide, click the "Image Databases" tab. The first box you will see, "Art Images Databases" contains links to collections of various high-quality/high-definition images from museums and galleries around the world. 

Photography Journals

The following are links to specific academic journals which are published and peer-reviewed by experts in the field. If you want to narrow your search to a specific style or focus, you might need to explore a couple of different journals to find what you are looking for.

Search the entire library catalog here.

Materials on photography topics are found under the "TR" subclass on the 3rd floor of the library. 

TR1-1050  Photography
TR250-265  Cameras
TR287-500  Photographic processing. Darkroom technique
TR504-508  Transparencies. Diapositives
TR510-545  Color photography
TR550-581  Studio and laboratory
TR590-620  Lighting
TR624-835  Applied photography
TR925-1050  Photomechanical processes 

Featured Books 

Looking for inspiration for an interesting project? Currently, the featured books section holds a few of the most recent works on photography, including artist collections.