Social Work

Library of the Health Sciences

This research guide will take you through many of the resources available for social work at the University of North Dakota. The Chester Fritz Library is located just across the street from Archives Coffee House and has a variety of social work texts. To access online resources, please see the School of Medicine and Health Sciences Library Resources page. Many resources and topics overlap, and when you see a resource on multiple pages that means it's a versatile title.

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What's Your Topic?

Depending on your area of research, there are several options to choose from. For best results, it's recommended to look in at least 2 places. There may be some overlap between sites, but there will be unique articles as well.

Academic Search Premier: A general database for social sciences and humanities, includes periodicals and Ethnic New Watch

CINAHL: Nursing and allied health literature. Great for research on client care and interactions. Bonus - can narrow down to Evidence Based Literature.

ERIC: Education literature including K-12. If you're doing research that pertains to children, worth a look.

PsycInfo: Psychology and behavioral sciences, a must when looking into mental health.

SocIndex: Sociology index, always look here for research specific to your field.

Each database is a little different, but there are many similarities. For one thing, all 5 of the databases listed are owned by the same company. This means the layouts are almost identical. While they may look the same, they have different journals within them and different options when narrowing down your search.

Starting Your Search

Once you've identified which databases best suit your research question, it's time to begin your search!

Well, almost. Before you start typing, it's best to make a list of terms that best pertain to your topic. Say you're looking for a screening tool to be used in the ER for substance abuse. Some terms might be substance abuse, screening tool, emergency room, addiction, drug or alcohol dependency, questionnaire, red flags. Synonyms are highly encouraged as they may get different results.

You can search using keywords - typing in your terms the way your normally would into any search engine OR you can use subject headings. Think of subject headings as topics that articles have been tagged with. All you need to do is type in a term in the database search bar and check the box directly above to choose from the most relevant headings.