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Indigenous Health

Academic Article databases

Most databases have search filters for sex, but to using subject headings allows for more specificity when researching maternal health issues:

  • PubMed Medical subject headings (Mesh) relevant to Indigenous health


("Maternal Death"[Mesh])

("Maternal Nutritional Physiological Phenomena"[Mesh])

("Maternal Welfare"[Mesh])

("Maternal Mortality"[Mesh])

("Maternal Health Services"[Mesh])

("Maternal Health"[Mesh])

("Alaskan Natives"[Mesh])

("American Native Continental Ancestry Group"[Mesh])


("Health Services, Indigenous"[Mesh])

("Indians, North American"[Mesh])


("Medicine, Traditional

("United States Indian Health Service


  • CINAHL subject headings relevant to Indigenous health

(MH "Maternal Behavior")

(MH "Maternal Nutritional Physiology")

(MH "Maternal Mortality")

(MH "Maternal Attitudes")

(MH "Maternal-Child Health")

(MH "Maternal-Child Care")

(MH "Maternal-Child Welfare")

(MH "Maternal Health Services")

(MH "Maternal Age 35 and Over")

(MH "Maternal Age 14 and Under")

(MH "Maternal Welfare")

(MH "Parent-Infant Bonding")

(MH "Mother-Child Relations")

(MH "Traditional Healers")

(MH "Native Americans")  [NOTE: "For native peoples of the United States and non-Arctic Alaska regions"]

(MH "Medicine, Traditional")

(MH "Medicine, Native American")

(MH "Inuit")  [NOTE: "Group of culturally similar indigenous peoples of Arctic and near-Arctic Canada, Alaska, and Greenland."

(MH "Indigenous Peoples")

(MH "Health Services, Indigenous")

(MH "Eskimos") [Note: "For genetic and physiological as well as cultural and social discussion of Eskimos."