How to publish

Where you publish will affect who can read your work

Who do you want to reach?


  • clinicians or faculty
    • Typically get access to journals via the institutions with which they work or with which they are members.
      • Check Ulrichsweb to see whether the most-used databases like CINAHL, PubMed, or other EBSCO databases, hold your journal
    • However, not all clinicians work at institutions that pay for journal subscriptions. If you publish in a journal that places their articles behind a paywall, you may not be able to reach absolutely all professionals.
  • practitioners at non-profits or non-governmental organizations
    • very few practitioners employed for smaller organizations will have access to institutional or personal journal subscriptions, and journal paywalls will be a real barrier keeping them from accessing your work


What if you don't know who your audience is?

Think about:

  • who is writing the papers you yourself are citing in your work, and where they published
  • and who will benefit the most from your work.
    • Are you actually trying to reach parents of elementary-aged kids? Then try contacting schoolboards, or publish in their newsletter, rather than an academic journal.