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Artificial Intelligence Resources

Information and resources for Artificial Intelligence applied to academic environments



Engineering, Computer Science & Technology

Scholarly Articles from the Journal of Engineering Education:

  • Johri, A. (2020). Artificial intelligence and engineering education. Journal of Engineering Education109(3), 358–361.
  • Cheville, R. A., Madhavan, K., Heywood, J., & Richey, M. C. (2019). The wisdom of winter is madness in May. Journal of Engineering Education108(2), 156–160.

Government Documents and Reports

Humanities, Ethics, & Philosophy

Discussions in the Humanities

Going beyond the latest news, the resources linked below convey scholarly conversations about the topic broadly in:

  • Scholarly journals (such as Ethics and Information Technology and Leonardo)
  • Books
  • Grey literature (such as white papers by professional organizations)

Please contact the CFL librarians for one-on-one assistance specific to your research needs.

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Two scholarly articles on AI in the life sciences:

  • Bhardwaj, A., Kishore, S., & Pandey, D. K. (2022). Artificial intelligence in biological sciences. Life, 12(9), 1430.
  • Hassoun, S., Jefferson, F., Shi, X., Stucky, B., Wang, J., & Rosa, E., Jr. (2021). Artificial intelligence for biology. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 61(6), 2267-2275.

Political Science and Public Policy

Psychology & Social Sciences