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New Student Welcome

An introduction to the Chester Fritz Library for incoming Freshmen, International Students and Transfer Students

Advice from a Student

                advice from a student


Advice from the Library Staff

Don’t do what I did in college and wait until the last minute to write research papers! As soon as you get an assignment the requires you to find and use information, come to the library to visit with us. We can save you a lot of time and make research much less stressful. We are information professionals who love to help. photo of Kristen

Kristen, Arts & Humanities Librarian


Set up a time for yourself - get in the habit of coming to the library before dinner - after dinner - at noon. It's okay to eat your lunch here and we have new vending machines! Planning for a coffee shop soon! We are friendly people here who want to help you succeed. You're not alone. We're here to help - talk with us. This may be your first time in college, but we've been helping students for years. Classes - assignments, papers - we can help! photo of denyse

Denyse, Engineering Librarian, Retired

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Note to Parents and Guardians