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MGMT 515: Advanced Managerial Theory

Provides library resources for management 515 course

Group Article Project

Group Article Project

  • Prepare a summary of a key human resource management article.
  • You will need to find a minimum of 5 outside sources to support your summary

Business Source Ultimate

Search for articles.  Possible keywords to use include:

  • Employee programs and practices: employee motivation, leadership practices, empowerment, employee training, stress management/employee well-being, and diversity
  • Group and interpersonal dynamics: group work, team leadership, communication, and power/politics
  • Organizational processes and structure: job design, organizational culture, corporate ethical values, and organizational design


Best Bets

Finding Articles on Human Resource Management

Finding Company Information

More Management Articles

Visit the Management Research Guide for More Article Database Options

Group Company Project

Group Company Project

  • Conduct an assessment of a Fortune 500 company
  • Find information about its management practices and policies.
  • Find a minimum of 20 sources, including people, articles, books and the Internet.

Business Source Ultimate

  • Use for company profiles (includes SWOT analyses); newspaper articles and trade publications; academic journal articles
  • Company Profile / MarketLine Report (includes SWOT analysis and company profile)
  • Click on “Company Profiles” under “More” at top. Browse for company name (e.g. Tesla) and click on the report.


Mergent Online

  • Use for finding financial data and information on company executives.
  • Also a News tab at the bottom on the company details page.


Proquest Newspapers Database 

  • Use to find current articles on your company
  • Includes articles from Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and New York Times.
  • Start with a search for your company. Your results will include a lot of stock market prices; you can get rid of most of these results by excluding Wire Feeds under Source Type on the left side of the page.
  • Limit your date range to more recent articles.
  • You can also use the Company/Organization limit to select your company and browse most recent news for relevant articles

Company Website

Start with your company’s website

  • Try an internet search such as Target Corporate
    • Look for a section called “careers” or “employment” or “culture” to find information on how the company promotes their corporate culture
  • Try the power search annual report to find the company’s annual report 
    • Look at sections: about us, employment/career opportunities, investor relations
  • Consider policies, training programs, and what is emphasized on the website (diversity, going green, ethical suppliers).

Books from Chester Fritz Library

Books from Chester Fritz Library

  • Chester Fritz Library has over 2,000 online books on the topic of human resource management. 
    • Do a search from the library's homepage
    • Narrow on the right hand side under "Availability" to online. 
  • Below are just two reference books that provide definitions and explanations on management topics: