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Web of Science


Put phrases inside quotation marks to find that exact phrase

          "artificial implant"

Wild card characters may be used inside quotation marks.

          "artificial* implant*" = would find artificial implants, artificially implanted

Truncation / Wild Cards

* (asterisk) = replaces 0 or more letters, * can be placed at beginning or end of word

          catheter* will find catheter, catheters, catheterization, etc.

          *prosthe* will find megaprostheses

$ (dollar sign) = replaces 0 or 1 letter

          orthop$edic will find orthopaedic, orthopedic

? (question mark) = replaces 1 letter only

          en?oblast will find entoblast, endoblast


NOTE: Truncation characters may be used within phrases. Example:  "cardiac catheter*"

Boolean Operators & Proximity Operators

AND = all search words must be present but do not have to be adjacent, software assumes AND if no operators are listed between search words, does not work in Publication Name or Source search

          "bipolar disorder" AND parenting

OR = at least one of the search words must be present

          aspartame OR saccharine OR sweetener*

NOT = search words before NOT must be present, any search words listed after NOT must be absent

          aids NOT hearing

NEAR = search words must be within x words of each other in same field, words can be in either order, default is 15 words unless you specify a number, no more than near/5 is recommended, does not work in Year Published search

          artificial* NEAR/3 implant*   (will find artificial implant, artificial heart implantation, implantation of an artificial, artificial knee joint prosthesis implantation)

SAME = only works in Address search, locates words in same line of address

          "north dakota" SAME med* will find UND SMHS authors


Note: Use parentheses to indicate what parts of search should be processed first.

          vaping AND (adolescen* OR teen*)