After a careful review of RefWorks usage, functionality, and cost, a collaborative team with representatives from UND Libraries and Information Technology decided to let the subscription end this fiscal year.

To current account holders: on June 30th, 2019, your current RefWorks account (RefWorks Paid) will transition to RefWorks LITE. If you want to use RefWorks LITE to organize and manage your citations, you must have a RefWorks paid account in place by June 30th. Note that you must be using the most current version of RefWorks, not the "legacy" version.

UND Libraries will support those who continue with RefWorks LITE and those who decide to transfer their citations to another reference manager. For more information, see the Citation Managers guide.


What is Refworks?

  • RefWorks is a program to manage reference sources and research notes and to create a bibliography.
  • Drag and drop documents into your library and annotate them in RefWorks.
  • RefWorks is available anywhere there is internet access so RefWorks can keep your research together in one spot. 
  • Collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing collections. 
  • Create a free account. Make sure to access RefWorks through Quicklinks on the library's website.
  • You may want to download Write-N-Cite (which works within Microsoft Word to assist you with citations and formatting). 
  • If you have any questions about RefWorks, please ask us

How to use RefWorks:

1) Create an account (see the First Time Users page for more info)

2) While you're doing your research, import citations into RefWorks

3) Once you've imported all your citations, you'll be ready to write your paper.  You can download Write-N-Cite (see the Write-N-Cite page for more information) and use it to create your in-text citations or footnotes as well as your bibliography.

4) Important: make sure to check over your bibliography and citations for errors.

More information:  RefWorks 2.0 Quick Start Guide 


Since it is a web-based tool, you can access RefWorks anywhere you can access the internet

Get to RefWorks:

1) Go to the library's homepage (

2) Click on the orange Quick Links button (top right)

3) Scroll down to RefWorks 2.0

Don't forget: Alumni have free access. See below. 

Tips for Accessing RefWorks After Graduation

You continue to have full access to RefWorks after you graduate as long as UND continues its subscription.

1) Before you graduate, remember to go into RefWorks and change your email to something long term instead of your UND account. 

2) Upload the complete article/document rather than using the "find it @und" link. Your access to online databases ends once you've graduated. 

3) Access RefWorks directly rather than via the library homepage.

Need Help?

Visit this guide's help page for contact information, tutorials and handouts