Primo, the discovery system, provides a single simple entry point for searching UND's Library resources.

Refine Your Search

After an initial search, you will see many options to refine your results on the left.  You can click on "More options" under each category to see a long list.  These categories include:


h4 Topic, Resource Type, Author/Creator: Topics are based on book subject headings selected by librarians OR key terms from journal article databases chosen by PRIMO. Exclude unrelated topics for best results. For Theodore Roosevelt, there's a lake, national park, and the person.  Resource Types include books, articles, book reviews, and more.  Pick the types of resources you want or exclude those you don't want.  Pick an author if you want an item written by a particular author.  Author/Creator includes government agencies and artists.


h4 Publication Date, Collection, Database, Journal Title: Once you pick a date range, it will offer you additional options. Older dates can lead you to primary sources or materials written contemporary with an event.  Newer dates leads you to the most recent items for your search.  Collection allows you to exclude most government documents or pick materials from a particular library or collection.  Collections include state government documents, theses, and more.  It may list collections separately you would expect to be grouped together, so listen to the list carefully.  Databases help you see which databases offer the most journal articles on your topic.  This can help you choose a database to search separately from PRIMO, so you can use the tools customized for that database. PRIMO does not search every database well - see the databases tab of this research guide for more information.  Journal title allows you to pick articles or reviews from specific journals.


h4 Genre/Form, Classification LCC, Language, and Library: Genre/Form allows you to limit your results to biographies, DVDs, and more. Classification LCC lets you use topics chosen by librarians for physical materials.  These topics are more accurate since they are chosen by people.  This classification does not include journal articles.  Language allows you to pick materials written in different languages.  Use search terms in that language for best results.  Library is less helpful than the Collection option and does not include journal articles.

When you refine your search, the limits you pick are listed along the top of the page. Click on the "x" next to the limit to remove it.

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