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Peer Research Consultants

Training and information for PRCs

30 Second Pitch

“Hi, my name is <X> and I’m a Peer Research Consultant at the Chester Fritz Library. I work with undergraduates using the library databases and online resources. So it’s taking what you learned from when the librarians came to Eng 130 or any other class and going more in-depth with the databases and resources, in a personalized one on one 30 minute session. I understand the struggle and frustration of finding resources for your papers since I have taken some of the same classes and have been in the same boat before. There is a lot of information that I learned, that I wish I knew as an undergraduate. My overall goal is to make you a better researcher.”

1 Minute Pitch

“Hello my name is <X> and I will be helping out Kristen. My job at the Chester Fritz Library is a Peer Research Consultant. I work with students with learning how to help their searches by using different tricks or tips like keywords or filtering out to what you specifically need. Sometimes I help you figure out what information you are really looking for. All of the Peer Research Consultants have been or are undergraduates at UND. I have all sat in and seen the Eng 130 and for a ceramics course the lecture on how to use the databases and library resources. I know it is a lot of information to take in and can sometimes be confusing or you miss a step or later cannot remember what Kristen did to find a good search. I know from personal experience that when I would look for articles or journals, I almost always got overwhelmed by the number of results I got and frustrated that a lot of them had nothing to do with my topic. There has definitely been a lot of information that I learned that I wish I knew back then. All of our sessions are 30 minutes and are one on one. I let you do all the typing and clicking so that way you can understand what is being taught better rather than if I simply did it for you. You can set up an appointment online by going onto Starfish, or if you go to the library and go to the Circulation Info desk, they can help you to see if we are available for a session.”

Profile on Website

Please write a short profile of yourself to include on the library website. See this example from University of Minnesota for ideas.