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Peer Research Consultants

Training and information for PRCs

What is a PRC?

Welcome to being a Peer Research Consultant!

As you likely noted during the interview process, this position is much more in-depth and professional!

While our Access / Circulation students will be operating the front desk / Information Desk, your job is to assist patrons / customers with research questions. The goal is that the Reference Librarians will handle questions from graduates and faculty, but you will be the first people our students go to for assistance on their research questions!

The goal of this guide is to provide you with readings and training exercises that will help you succeed. Please note that you will be asked to wait for feedback after each assignment before proceeding. In the fall of 2019, you will be working on this guide while on the desk, partnered with a librarian. Anytime someone comes to the desk, please stop working and attend the librarian to observe how they conduct the interview. By mid-semester, you will be expected to take the lead on the questions, with the librarian then shadowing you to assist as needed. By the end of your first semester, you will be working alone on the desk, but Karlene and the reference team will always be just a phone call away to assist you.

Your primary responsibility is to assist undergraduate students with research questions.

  • Time limit: Attempt to stay within a 30 minute window. However, we understand that sometimes a question may need a little more time. If you get near the 50 minute mark, they should be referred to their subject librarian.
  • At the end of each transaction, whether or not you refer them on
    • You will give them a business card for their subject librarian
    • You will write up a brief summary of what the question was, how long you spent on it, and how you answered it (what databases, etc.)

Karlene Clark - PRC Coordinator

Brittany Fischer - Social Sciences & Scholarly Communications Librarian

Avery - Peer Research Consultant

Gabrielle- Peer Research Consultant

Peyton - Peer Research Consultant

Rylee- Peer Research Consultant

Zarah-Mae - Peer Research Consultant

Piper - Peer Research Consultant

Jadyn - Peer Research Consultant


Now that you have read through some introductory information about the program, we would like you to fill in your responses to the survey below. The survey asks questions on your viewpoints and expectations for your future semesters in a PRC position.

When you are finished, please post the document to Teams for Brittany, Kristen, Karlene, and your Lead PRCs to review.

Thank you! We are looking forward to a great semester with you!